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To kick start the new year HopeRoad Publishing has just released Memoirs of a Karate Fighter, a stimulating new ebook looking at the life of martial artist Ralph Robb, depicting his experiences in Britain during the 1980s.

** Out January 24! **

Memoirs of a Karate Fighter

Memoirs-of-a-karate-fighterRalph Robb presents a compelling insight into the world of 1980s Britain, when racism was rife, the National Front was a real political presence, and young men were surrounded by violence from a tender age. Robb’s early twenties were spent in the dojo of what was then the top karate club in England, the Wolverhampton YMCA, which, along with training champions on a national and international level, was the winner of two All-Styles British Club Championships and the 1976 Shotokan Karate International Championship – the first ever team not to practise that style to do so. The dedication, discipline and camaraderie that Robb found in the dojo diverted him away from the crime and senseless street fighting that he often witnessed in the high-rise block of flats where he lived, and his quest for perfection as a karateka was eventually to win him a European medal.

This coming-of-age story charts Robb’s journey to adulthood, and the friendships and relationships that he forged along the way, from his wise elderly neighbour to the karate champions who act as his mentors at the dojo. His first steps into fatherhood, and his brotherly bond with his closest friend and training partner Clinton are described in sensitive detail, as is Clinton’s tragic struggle with mental illness.

A must-read for any martial arts enthusiast.

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