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The Chocolate Shop Perverts book cover

The Chocolate Shop Perverts by Ernest Alanki

The Chocolate Shop Perverts by Ernest Alanki is our Book of the Month for September, and we’ll be blogging more about the themes which run through this dark and haunting novel throughout the month.

The Chocolate Shop Perverts is Alanki’s first novel, and a masterpiece at that. It follows the story of Martin, as he drifts from Newcastle to Edinburgh, searching for work and purpose, dreaming of girls, and attempting to write his autobiography. Somewhere along the way reality turns into magic realism and a world where no-one is quite sure of the tangible versus the fantasy.

You can download a sample chapter here; one which introduces you to the other-worldliness of this bleak yet comic narrative set around a young, jobless, nearly hopeless, Martin and his intense imagination.

More of Ernest Alanki’s fantastical and melancholic short stories can be found at Dunia Magazine, including A Goodbye Riddle and The Cake Men.

Ernest Alanki is on Twitter where he talks about literature, life and his current home, Stockholm.

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