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Caribbean Chemistry – Tales from St Kitts is the first book and personal memoir of Christopher Vanier, born on the island in 1942, chronicling his early life, both at home and on Antigua in the 40s and 50s.

This is a story of self-discovery, brilliantly mingling the author’s own yearning for independence with that of his homeland. Funny and engaging, a story about breaking the barriers of identity and finding them again. A rare view of the emigrant’s tale!

Caribbean Chemistry by Christopher Vanier

Caribbean Chemistry by Christopher Vanier

Charming and vividly evocative… I feel as if I have got to know these islands, and almost to have been there.’

One sees so many ripples as the story takes us from infancy to lively boyhood to the moral struggles of adolescence. This book should be read by every young West Indian, and, for the middle-aged and elderly, it will revive rich visions of our past.

– Jean D’Costa, Professor, University of the West Indies, 1962-1977

Christopher won a prize for Caribbean Chemistry in the Kingston University Life Writing Competition in 2009 and has won numerous other prizes for his short stories.

In the process of being entertained by the tales of his naive childhood, awkward early years at school and self-assured late teens, we learn about the geography, history and politics of the region.

…a well-written and genuine auotobiography…’

– JP Hughes

Published as an e-book
HopeRoad Publishing